Fatted Calf

The Fatted Calf is an acclaimed charcuterie, butchery, and specialty shop/café. Walk through the doors and it feels as if you’ve entered a secret world of meaty wonders. Their cases are filled with pâtés, salumi, sausages, roasts, and terrines–and when the meat counter crew offers you a slice of the fennel-flecked Sbrisolona and a piece of perfectly rare roast beef, it’s hard to say no.

More than just a butcher shop, the Fatted Calf offers meaty goods and services that are varied and unique. At its most basic level, charcuterie is the technique of seasoning, processing, and preserving meat. But, it is also a way of preserving food cultures and traditions while enriching the daily habit of breaking bread. At the Fatted Calf, charcuterie is a way of life–an approach to cooking and eating that celebrates the pleasures of the table.


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